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Vitälzӯm™ Xe is specifically formulated to regulate the inflammatory and immune response to support health in the following systems:

-Upper respiratory*
-Joint/connective tissue/skin*


Julie E's review: 

Little yellow, effective! Vitalzym is THE best item for decreasing inflammation from injury and for breaking down scar tissue. Add to that a lifetime of falling or injuries and there's rampant scar tissue roaming around the body.

Vitalzym Xe is so powerful, 1 capsule per day is often all that is needed. Proprietary formula has serrapeptase and amla. I love these for tons of healing properties associated with inflammation and even rejuvenating the hormones.

For new injury take 1 per day. For ACL or MCL surgery/injury and rotator cuff (shoulder) surgery/injury – take 2/day until you are pain free and/or inflammation is gone! Take them after injury and pre and post surgery.

Best when taken 45 minutes before eating or 2 hours after eating – thus an 'empty' stomach.


Break down Scar Tissue. Feel Great. Reduce Pain, bloating, swelling. Remove PMS/cramps. Perfect for pre- and post-surgery. Proteolytic enzymes – such as Vitalzym Xe are known to extend a healthy life.


*The above statements are not approved by the FDA. Please consult with your own health care professional especially if you have any pre-existing conditions.

Vitalzym Xe systemic enzymes - 30 capsules

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