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If you're looking to start getting healthier today, you're in the right place! My name is Julie E, and I'm here to help YOU achieve optimal wellness. Start at step 1, and I'll walk you through the rest of these SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for health! Everything you need to build a great foundation for health right now is just below!


If you want to have optimal health you need to start by building a foundation, and the first step is to strengthen your Biofield. The biofield gets destroyed by so many things around us - your phone and all your devices, those red lights at checkout counters, toll booths, WiFi, and so much more. So, to start the most important thing is to have EMF Remediation on your phone, your tablet, and your laptop or computer. Then you need to add pH Minerals. For those who want to dive into health, also take Calcium-Magnesium Plus which provides minerals to your body. These all allow your biofield to stay strong!

Our pH minerals taste like really strong salt from the ocean. But if you just put a few drops in your water bottle, it will add electrolytes and minerals to your body and you won't even know that it’s in there. It's also quite inexpensive and a great added support for a healthy immune system!

You must also ensure that your body is alkaline, which you can measure with pH paper. It only takes a second, so check your pH in the morning when you wake up and again around dinnertime, it’s that easy! Cancer, viruses, and bacteria cannot live in an alkaline environment. Making sure that your body stays alkaline, is crucial to keeping you healthy and you won't know if you're alkaline until you test it. Make sure the results of both of those tests are alkaline. The morning one is your body raw. That's the true reading. The evening one is, "Did I do a good job today with food, nutrients, exercise, and my water to get myself alkaline?" If your evening one is not alkaline, you need to take more nutrients, or eat more alkaline rich food (i.e fruits & vegetables) and retest. When your pH is alkaline every single night you will start to have a strong foundation for health! (note. Getting the morning pH to be alkaline might take longer because it is your base line pH)

The next thing you can do isTapping and Swiping with or without Castor Oil (you use them both in the same place). You tap on your area of chief complaint, your main organs, your armpits, your groin, and then you swipe your right hand down your left arm as if you're wiping off powder or sand and you breathe out. Then you do the other arm and both legs. For full instructions, download the tapping and swiping directions for just a couple of dollars HERE!

When it comes to castor oil, you don't have to drink it and you don't have to sit around with a heating pad on, you just have to use it! Put the castor oil on your main detox organs - under the right breast, everything from the belly button to the pubic bone (left and right side) and on your lower back just above where your pants lay on top of your hip bones, and then get in the shower (the heat will help the oil penetrate). You can add tapping while the castor oil is on too. As you’re putting the oil on, make sure you breathe out. Castor oil can work very quickly, within about 20 seconds, and acts as a nutrient giving the body nourishment as well as a very gentle detox. So, it will also pull junk out of your body. By doing these remedies that we've discussed so far, you're going to have a body that knows how to detox correctly!

The next thing is to soak in ocean salts - this is literally salt from the ocean that you can put into a bucket or the bathtub. Soak your hands, wrists, feet and ankles all at the same time, or the arms first and then the legs, YES you can soak your whole body in the bathtub! As long as you keep your hands and feet IN the water - it doesn’t matter. This is very important because we know that toxins leave our body through the subtle body, from our hands and feet.

The more often you do these steps listed above the more your body is going to purge toxins and recharge and hydrate your body. So, when you do the soaking, you're going to be constantly purging junk out of your body. Use the soaking as a great ritual to de-stress from your day or the world at large and just breathe. You could even soak your feet while you're working at your desk during the day. It doesn't matter how you do it, you just have to get it done. Remember, these are Simple Solutions for your health. We can't make it any easier than breathing, sticking your feet in a bucket and using your own hands to tap and swipe!

When you're soaking. If you want to get an extra benefit, you can add limonene oil or any other essential oil that is citrus. These are really good to flush out  and strengthen the lymphatic system. We like our limonene oil because you can also drink it in warm water or regular water. It's the perfect remedy for when you're out at restaurants to avoid drinking sweet or sugary beverages. You’ll also get antioxidants and it's a really good to strengthen the gallbladder, which most people have issues with (especially women over the age of 30). When the gallbladder is stronger and healthier, we often have deep, restful sleep!

You wouldn’t buy a fixer upper house and just start hanging things on the walls. First you have to gut, spackle and paint the walls so they are ready for the artwork to hang. Similarly, if you don’t have the foundational steps in place, the nutrients and healing techniques you just pile into your body might just get washed out. Build a healthy, strong Biofield as your foundation. 

Step 1

Starting Point

What You Need
What You Need
q disc.webp
EMF Remediation

Add EMF remediation stickers to your devices to protect from harmful radiation. To learn more about EMF's, check out our VASTU/EMF info page

pH Minerals

Minerals are essential for the body to function properly, and they aren't produced internally so we MUST take them in! pH Minerals are a simple and easy way to replenish mineral levels!

Coral Complex

This coral formula provides legendary mineral and pH support for adults and kids!

Test Strips.JPG
pH Test Strips

Easily check your pH levels with test strips! Normally, the body should be slightly more alkaline than acidic.

castor oil.png
Castor Oil

For regular detoxification, castor oil should be your go-to! This is a truly simple way to support your health!

Medi Soak

Medi-Soak is a cleansing formula perfect for soaking hands, feet, or your whole body! Contains 4 premium sources of sea salt minerals for effective removal of waste particles. 

medi soak.png
Limonene Oil *Optional

This highly bioavailable organic orange oil that features a natural source of d-Limonene and is a great addition to a glass of water!


Learn why you need EMF remediation on your devices!

The Truth About Cell Phones Free Download

Wondering how to use castor oil? This download will show you exactly what to do!


Learn how to perform tapping & swiping with this downloadable PDF!

Tapping and Swiping.jpg
Tapping & Swiping Download
Castor Oil Free Download

Once you have a solid foundation in place, the next step is to get more balance. You can do this by extending your EMF protection to more devices throughout your home, like headsets and airpods, home meters and smart home devices, hairdryers, routers, etc. with EMF paint. Similar to the EMF stickers, all you need is a little spot of EMF paint and this will help to keep the chaotic energy out of your home and promote a healthy biofield. Download some examples of using the EMF paint at the bottom of this page.

You can also use Grounding, which is putting your feet or your body on the grass, dirt, ocean, or sand. You need to be on the earth, touching the earth. You can have a cloth or a towel underneath, you just cannot have a rubber soul on the bottom of your feet. This way, you will receive energy from the Earth that recharges you. In just 15 minutes a day, barefoot on the ground will really help to strengthen your energy, how you feel, and your biofield! 

I also want you to incorporate 2 of the following - Premier Digest, Premier CoQ, EFA Oil, or Pink Salt. Digestive enzymes are something that everyone over the age of 20 needs and sometimes younger people need them too. The more cooked foods we eat, the more enzymes we use up trying to digest the food. By providing the body with a broad spectrum of digestive enzymes we can help to restore digestive balance and start getting more from the foods we eat.

CoQ is an anti-aging powerhouse that also has benefits for fertility, cardiovascular health, migraines, diabetes, skin health, and oral health. As a powerful antioxidant, it can also be protective against harmful toxins and free radicals that contribute to chronic health problems like cancer. What I want you to know, is that our CoQ is different. For best performance, the CoQ-10 molecule must be absorbed by the intestines in its natural, original form. BUYER ALERT! Look for live-source CoQ-10 (ubiquinone) in the trans isomer form, derived from natural fermentation as found in Premier CoQ-10.

Your next option is EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) oil. This oil is the best oil to 'eat' - not for cooking. Some of the most important things for our cells to work correctly are good oil, minerals, and salt. DO NOT forget this! So many people forget the oils because they are taking other nutrients and they think it's best to stay away from FAT. EFA oil and Pink Salt should be placed on the dining table at every meal and even your children can dip their food into it. Actually they need salt and oil more than you can imagine (and even higher doses when they sweat in summer and playing sports). Regular EFA intake makes a huge difference in pH balance, immune and especially mental health (it is necessary for the nervous system to work correctly).

I also want you to eat Pink Salt and to remember that not all salt is created equal! Our pink salt is not just Himalayan salt. The Himalayas have over 700 mines and not all of it has good quality salt. Our pink salt (it's actually peach in color) comes from air-dried sea salt, and is considered a superfood. Not to mention, it tastes really good! It improves digestion because the Cl molecule (salt is NaCl) and the Cl of the salt will bind with H molecules, which are floating around ubiquitously throughout your body. When this happens, it forms HCL, an acid that is also a digestive enzyme and it has the ability to kill food poisoning, bacteria and parasites on contact. Most people don't have enough HCL because they stopped eating salt many years ago. This means you really need salt! Just be sure to use a healthy salt (table salt is the opposite of healthy!). The more you incorporate Pink Salt into your life and that of your kids, the less you'll crave salt - meaning your cells are satiated, your adrenals and digestive system are working and hence your hormones can come into balance. 


It is common that I recommend a tablespoon of salt for a few weeks until a person's health and digestion improve (especially kids, those who sweat a lot and most often in summer months). Once you feel hydrated and overall have less cravings, then we'll know your body is satiated with HCL and electrolytes and you can cut back on the dosage and just use it as a seasoning. Unless of course, you dine out and DEFINITELY when you eat sushi. My rules are "do not dine out without HCL or a teaspoon of Pink Salt" and "do not eat sushi without 2 teaspoons of Pink Salt". This is how we prevent parasites that so many people unknowingly have. 

DIY Step 2 should be fairly easy for you to integrate into your life. Once you feel settled with this step (about 2-3 weeks) please move onto Step 3. 

Step 2

Getting More Balance

What You Need
What You Need
liquitech premier.png
EMF Paint

It looks and acts like paint, but works to keep the chaotic energy out! This is your next step for EMF remediation.

Premier Digest

This enzyme formula will keep your digestion working in peak condition!

Premier CoQ

CoQ10 is found is essential for cardiovascular, neurological, energy, brain, and immune support.

EFA oil.png

EFAs support hormone production, strengthen immune function, support healthy cell membranes, heart, nerve, brain, liver, skin and normal cholesterol levels.

pink salt.png
Pink Salt

This coral formula provides legendary mineral and pH support for adults and kids!

Choose 2


To learn how and where to use LMP paint, check out this free download!

LNP Grounding Pic.PNG
LMP Remediation And Grounding Free Download

Our gut bacteria have an impact on health throughout our ENTIRE body and should never be underestimated. One of the best ways to support the gut is to make sure that you’re eating nourishing foods with lots of fibre, and using a probiotic to crowd out undesirable bacteria. By maintaining a healthy flora you’re also supporting the normal immune reaction of intestinal cells, mental and cardiovascular health, and so much more. If you struggle with healthy eating be sure to download our free Snack List as well as Chips & Dips for some simple, doable snack options to support your health. Planning ahead is the most crucial and helpful way to eat healthy, especially if you are often on the go or dining away from home. 

There are a couple of products that we use to support a healthy gut, including MicroBiome-18 which is a pre, pro and postbiotic that acts just as it sounds…full spectrum for the gut mircobiome! Our fermented powders are also great gut support – you can choose between microbiome-18, Fermented Mushroom Powder which supports gut and the immune system, Fermented Turmeric Powder which is anti-inflammatory, and supports the gut and the liver, or Fermented Beets Powder which supports the gut, circulation, blood and provides a great source of Nitric Oxide which gives athletes a competitive advantage and so many additional cardiovascular health benefits.

I can’t speak about digestive health without mentioning dental health.This means we must look at Dental Health as part of the whole picture for a person's health (whole-istic health). We offer a Medi-Dental Pack portion of our DIY Mud Therapy Class, and you can purchase the kit here. We also recommend doing a Coconut Oil swish at least weekly, check out the blog talking all about oil swishing here. We also have Neem Oil you can rub on the gums to kill infection in the mouth. Our lasers both the pen and paddle work to kill infection in the mouth and gums, along with creating healthier cells in the mouth, allowing the body to self heal. It is important to note that the gums don't do a good job of self healing, as the blood flow is limited to that area of the body. We must detox and heal the gums with exogenous materials and tools. 

Here are a few suggestions for assuring your body heals quickly before and after dental procedures:

Holistic Dental Health

Our coconut oil is pure, in a special dark violite container making it suitable for cooking and healing the mouth and gut. 

Next, I want you to focus on your mitochondria. Remember from grade 10 biology? The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, which means this is where most of the action for our healing occurs. One of the BEST ways to support your mitochondria and strengthen your energy and biofield is with our lasers. Start with a laser pen because it’s only $20 and you can ‘paint’ everyone in the family a couple times each day to turn their energy field ‘on’ and you can use it for longer on problem areas. It is so affordable! For those with more chronic problems or when you are ready, definitely pick up a laser paddle which always gets so much use from all family members and pets. Use the laser for a longer time on a problem area, such as the gut during a constipation or stomach-ache moment. Aside from how amazing it works for you, it fits in your purse or carry on so you should NEVER leave home without it. Once you start using the laser, everyone including your pets will fall in love and want to use it all the time. In just 4 minutes you can rid infection, create peace and calm, decrease inflammation and so much more! Take it to all sporting events for your kids and on every family vacation. Healing will be in the palm of your hand!


At Julie E Health we use lasers to mass-produce the healing energy that your body needs to get you healthy. Scientifically we call this energy 'ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate)'. The laser donates photons to your cells, which builds 'ATP' by 150%. This helps to increase circulation and improve the function of every body part. Whether you have sluggish bowels, acne, headaches or erectile dysfunction, using our lasers will help your body to build new healthy cells and the chronic issues will begin to dissipate - at the speed of light; 176,000 miles per second!

Our cells also need B vitamins to produce energy, and every cell in the body needs them to function. Do you find that you’re fatigued most days? Do you have high stress levels? These are all cues that you NEED your B’s. Choose either Complete-B capsules which provide support for mood and energy as well as the brain and liver, or Max B-ND which is a probiotic fermented B complex with a slow delivery system it's a liquid you put in your water bottle and 'sip' to keep your body stocked with the nutrients for 24 hours.

Step 3 includes a few products that Julie considers 'lifetime multivitamins'. Pick a few and add them to your life. Do a bit of food shopping choosing some items on our Snack List... and just incorporate them into your life. There is never going to be the 'perfect' time to start, nor will there ever be a perfect week. There are always going to be those days that get away from us. Just start and use these items more than 50% of the time and you will certainly heal, get healthier, feel better, and hopefully sleep peacefully. That is the goal. Take your time on step 3, about 4-5 weeks before moving onto step 4. 

Step 3

Rebuilding the Gut and Mitochondria

What You Need
What You Need
Fermented Mushroom Powder
Fermented Turmeric Powder

For centuries, turmeric has been known for promoting liver health, healthy digestion, supporting a healthy inflammatory response, and cardiovascular health.

Laser Pen Picture.jpg
Laser Pens

This laser pen allows you to increase the rate at which your body produces ATP by %150, this is shown to increase circulation and improve the function of every body part.


B vitamins play important roles in nearly all of the body’s functional systems.

Max B-ND

If you feel fatigue, this is one of my first go to's for everyone!


The pre-digested, fermented organic mushrooms in this product offer a vast array of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and immunomodulating polysaccharides.

Choose 1

Choose 1

Complete B 
Quantum Scalar Laser.jpg
Scalar Laser Paddle

Pre, post, and probiotics...this is exactly what your gut needs!


A fast-working, completely therapeutic handheld device that you can easily travel with! In 4 minutes, your cells are repatterned and reprogrammed for instant relaxation, circulation, and pain relief.


Here are some of my favourite healthy snacks...AND a way to save on your grocery bill!

Image by S'well
Healthy Snack List Free Download

It can be hard to find healthy snacks that are tasty too, so I put together a few of my favorites here!


Oral health affects our entire body, so here are a few tips for keeping your dental health immaculate!

Holistic Dental Health Download
Chips and Dips Free Download

The next step is to address the Emotional Body. What happens when the body starts to get healthy and strong, is that all these emotions start flooding to the surface. It's kind of like people are blocking their own ability to heal - they're standing n their own way. And the reason is that when the body starts to get healthy, the subconscious and all the fear stored there, starts to surface. 

The Simplest way to deal with (prevent) this from sabotaging all that you are doing, is to reprogram or trick the subconscious. Julie has discovered that repeating a few specific words (positive mantras) keep the emotional body in check. It's really that easy and quite possibly the most important Simple Solution in all of this DIY section. When we trick the subconscious by keeping it focused on positivity and healing, we 'override' the anxiety, fear or stress that is trying to surface. 

We have a free download called Body Talk in which we remind you that Words Become True. Read these statements every single day to keep the emotional body at bay and focused on healing. At minimum, schedule 5 minutes, three times each week for your 'personal healing moment' and read these statements, while taking the time to breath. By keeping this regularly scheduled healing time, you'll most likely override stress and anxiety and even physical ailments before you even become aware of them! This way, if your emotional body starts to go south and you're not feeling good or you stop taking care of yourself, but it's Monday and you read these words, (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11am for example) you're going to get back on track before you even fall off track. How kool is that?

I like to call it a personal healing moment. It's where you sit quietly for a few minutes, you might tap, swipe, and breathe, and then you think or read your statements. You might just sit quietly for a few more minutes and ask yourself some questions to check in on your body and your life. "How did I feel today?" or "What did I do yesterday, because I felt so fantastic?" "Oh yeah, that was really good for me, I should do that again!" I hope you get my drift. You need to be in charge of your own health - that is how you heal. 

The Personal Healing Moment really should be in Step 1, but back then you would think I'm crazy if I tell you that staring into space and reading a few words while breathing is going to make you healthier. By Step 4, you are already feeling good and possibly you already had some wonky moments where you just weren't as good - and now you'll understand that these were just moments and when you take a moment to shift back into alignment, you'll feel better again. 

Julie's favorite place to do a Personal Healing Moment is at the beach, or in the bathtub with her Medi Soak. Some prefer a park. Wherever is your place that makes you go 'ahhh' that's where you do it. 

Step 4

The Emotional Body


With this free download you'll learn a few daily, positive affirmations energized for maximum benefit  to your body and mind!

Words Become True Free Download


Do you experience gut and sinus issues? Allicidin will be a great choice! This product provides broad-spectrum immune support, cardiovascular support, and is works greate for sinus and intestinal problems.



For anyone experience constipation or issues with mold, Hyssinol will be a good fit. Hyssinol™ provides a premier quality complex that features the unique herb hyssop, the legendary herb of the Bible that is traditionally used for effective health and wellness support.


Olive Leaf Immune

If you've had chronic viral infections, herpes, or migraines then Olive Leaf Immune is your best choice. This full-spectrum formula supports immune and cardiovascular health and a healthy environment for cells while leaving beneficial bacteria unharmed.

Step 5

Immune Support
(Choose 1)



Asta-Complete is a great all-around antioxidant formula that provides key antioxidant support for cells and their components. On top of this, it supports the health of the cardiovascular system, the eyes and skin and is able to cross the blood-brain barrier to provide further support from oxidative stress.



If you have eye issues then Ocuven is a wise choice! OcuVen™ is a quantum vision and eye support formula which features two well-researched eye support nutrients: natural-source lutein and natural-source zeaxanthin. In addition, OcuVen features Eye Integrity Support Blend™ which contains a broad-spectrum blend of high-value, premier quality botanical agents for optimal nutritional support. 



For heavy metals and other...issues choose NAC! Our NAC promotes optimal detoxification at the liver and has the ability to help chelate heavy metals. It also supports respiratory health through its beneficial action on mucus secretions. 



Feeling fatigued? Then it's time to get acquainted with NADH. NADH is an essential complex in the cellular respiration process. Thus, research shows NADH can significantly promote oxygen utilization. It also supports memory and alertness as well as providing effective support for optimal athletic performance. 

Step 6

(Choose 1)

Once you have this foundation, with all that I've described above, keep doing these treatments and remedies often (a few times a week at minimum). This is how you stay healthy! Most people will feel so much better just by doing this. Honestly, without this foundation, I don't really understand how anyone is improving, and that's why people's problems tend to come back. From here, we can fine-tune and figure out exactly what's going on in your body, and then you will become a self-healing machine!

By this point, you will have built up your foundation and improved many different aspects of your mental and physical health. If you’re dealing with a specific ailment or chronic issue, your next step is to download our medicine chest remedies (by product or by ailment). This is a list of many typical products we offer than can help to eradicate your (or a loved one’s) symptoms quickly for if or when an issue comes up.

From here we really recommend customization with a personal session or lab work assessment. 

Step 7

Using steps 1-6 of these SIMPLE SOLUTIONS will absolutely build you a great foundation for health. Unfortunately, we live in a toxic world and staying on top of our health is really extra important these days (right?)!. Therefore, I recommend you keep moving forward and either schedule a personal consultation to create a precise, Custom Health Program for your ‘Today Body’ or you pick a lab test from this selection and continue to move forward from there. You can also purchase our Blood Report Review which is over 40 pages of detailed information in which you can plot your test results and learn what is going on in your very own body.

We have a variety of great lab tests that can help you detect exactly what’s going on, and we can help you figure out what to do from there. Everyone should do a glyphosate test to determine exposure to this toxic chemical that’s used to kill weeds (and is often found in our water and foods) - especially those with gut health problems. A D3 test is also beneficial for pretty much everyone, especially those with bone and sinus issues. D3 is needed for immunity, mood, weight loss, bone health, and more, so it’s best to know if your levels are adequate. On top of these, we also offer Nutraeval, which looks at almost all the systems in the entire body and lets us hone in on where we need to focus our attention to determine any weak links. For a more in-depth look at gut health, the stool test is one you should consider to get a better picture of your microbiome. If you’re not ready for a test but still want to go on, do the liver/gallbladder flush 3 months in a row, with a total of 6 coffee enemas – these are both free downloads! For more information on lab work, please inquire with our clinic!

I can help treat everybody with every condition I've ever seen, but I unfortunately don't have enough time in the day to make that happen. So take care of yourself, do a lot of self-care, build a strong foundation. And then, if you have a random issue, pesky problem, or lingering health concerns go ahead and book an appointment! We'll be able to find time to work together to fix it, and because you will have already done the groundwork this not only saves time, but also saves you money, and who wouldn't want that? If you haven't done any of this groundwork, you're still welcome to come in and see me! But, this means we'll need a lot more time to get started.

We can still do 1 on 1 sessions at any time. I am hoping that this DIY section is going to encourage so many people to take that next step for their health, regardless of where you are right now. We can always improve. And the extra benefit is that when we improve our physical health, it also improves our mental health, AND we attract more joy, love and even financial opportunities when we start to feel great.


Best wishes to you and Have a Healthy Day!!   ❤️ Julie E

Lab Work and/or
Booking an

What You Need
What You Need
website glyphosate image.jpg
Glyphosate Test Kit

We have test kits in stock for you and your children! What if every stomachache was not treatable by traditional or even holistic medicine – because it’s not a bug – it’s a toxicity?


This step-by-step guide will show you exactly what you need for a liver flush and how to do it!

Liver Flush Free Download
Enema Bucket_edited.png
Coffee Enema Free Download

Ever heard of a coffee enema? Enemas have been used for thousands of years for the maintenance of good health. Learn how to DIY!


All of these simple solutions are inexpensive, half of them are free, and you just need to use them. This is why I have three taglines, the first of which, is “simple solutions for health” - because these things are so easy and simple!


The second is “limitless healing” because when the biofield is intact, healing is limitless. And then the third is “infinite possibilities”. There are so many solutions, and my way is not the only way. There are homeopaths and lymphatic massage, craniosacral therapists, and so many other types of remedies, but all of them cost time and money. I'm giving you the foundation from which you can build upon regardless of what other techniques you choose to use on top of this (or later on in life). I truly think and believe that everyone needs to have this foundational work at all times. 


After you're really good at this foundational work, the next step would be to start addressing the assembly line. You'll be doing it already with your castor oil and tapping and swiping, but there is a little more that can be done. And by the time you're ready for that, there will be videos and blogs and other information that gives you more specific details of what you can do. I already have a lot of that information out there on socials or my website, but I'm going to make it even better for you by the time you're ready. So, take care of yourself, get the foundational work done, have a healthy day and a very healthy life!

❤️Julie E

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