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  Julie E can help you:

  • Regenerate Health

  • Staying Youthful in our bodies

  • Kids & Babies Remedies

  • Sound Sleep

  • EMF remediation

  • Vastu (like Feng Shui–EMF)

  • Increase Energy     

  • Grow Hair     

  • Digestion & Bloating  

  • Hormone Balance      

  • pH Balance     

  • Anti-Aging 

Super Health Food

Mission Statement:

It is my mission to help people take their health to the next level by empowering them with Simple Solutions and tools that are easy to use, based on the innate function of the magnificent human body, grounded in nature and common sense and are often free.


In sharing my unique gifts with the world, I feel connected, useful, validated and appreciated; it truly is my goal to help you.

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