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Julie offers a variety of in-office treatments that are walk in based. All treatments are available to be combined. Book now or reach out with any questions!
Foot soak2.jpg

Foot Soak

Using Medi-Soak you will experience a tranquil foot soaking session that will leave your body detoxed and you feeling relaxed.

Laser Therapy.jpg

Laser Therapy

Laser light therapy uses light to donate energy to your cells. This increases the healing process exponentially

vibtration plate.jpg

Vibration Plate

This plate works to make your brain think you are off-balance. This causes your muscles to contract several times every second. 

Ozone Cannula.jpg

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is used to oxygenate your blood. This treatment will leave you feeling energized and make your body healthy!


Circulation Therapy

This machine works to open the capillaries within your body. This allows any nutrition in your body to be absorbed. 


Foot Massage

You will experience a heated foot massage that will allow your body to relax. This treatment is best paired with others.

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