Vastu & EMF: Healthier Environment, Healthier YOU


Our environment is 99% of how we feel, so why not take a little time to enhance the positive energy in the spaces where you spend your precious time? With our Vastu products, you will be able to create the space you truly deserve!

Still not convinced? Take it from these companies - they ALL use Vastu to promote health, wealth, and positive energy...and it WORKS!

Vastu is an Ayurvedic practice that enhances positive energies and eliminates negative energies. It takes into account many different principles, and we can even use Vastu as a remediation tool! Using Vastu for remediation means eliminating the chaos that surrounds us from all of our electronics, wireless networks, 5G towers, etc. and supporting a peaceful, healthy environment. We can only control so much in our lives, so why not create an environment that supports and promotes health? That way, you can come home knowing you're safe and thriving!

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DIY Vastu & Home Remediaton Kit

Vastu (similar to Feng Shui) uses ancient and proven measures to enhance the positive energy in the places you reside such as home and/or office.


The Do It Yourself Vastu Shastra Kit includes high energy, quantum rocks, dirt, and step-by-step directions for ensuring positive energy flow in your dwelling.


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EMF Blocking Cell Phone Patch

The tech of today's world (phones, wireless devices, computers, wireless internet, etc.) emit EMFs that disrupt the body and can cause many health problems. The SafeSpace Smart Patch attaches directly to your devices to help clear away and protect against the health hazards of electromagnetic radiation.


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LMP Polymer (EMF Remediation) Paint

How nice would it be to walk into your home and have it immediately feel calm, soothing, and grounded? This substance looks and acts a bit like ‘paint’ but is used to ‘ground’ the home. It works wonders on plugs and outlets, the circuit breaker panel, and meters. This is your next step to keeping the chaos out of your home!


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Quantum Pendant

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Your Environment Makes or Breaks Your Health